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Expiration date


Definition: The date on which the holder of an option loses the ability to exercise it. If an “in the money” option is not exercised on or before that date, any profit that could have been achieved will be lost forever.



Definition: Using the right one acquired by having purchased an option to call shares away from (or put shares to) another investor.



Definition: The amount of ownership that holders of an investment or asset really have in it. It is calculated by taking the market value of the investment or asset and subtracting the amount of money that is still owed on the loan taken to buy it.

Emerging growth stock


Is there anything more exciting than getting in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity? Imagine you’re Eduardo Saverin meeting up with and partnering with another Harvard student named… Mark Zuckerberg.

The mission


The Investeach mission is to spread financial education and literacy to as many people as possible. The earlier in their lives people begin to understand important financial concepts, the sooner they'll make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families! The primary way we accomplish this mission is by making our content, including articles and

Earnings per share (EPS)


Definition: The net profit that a company has earned over the course of a quarter (ie: three months) or year for each share of its stock that is outstanding, as follows: total company net profit / number of shares of the company outstanding.

Double declining balance


Definition: A method of depreciation, used by companies to compute their income tax liabilities, that provides for greater depreciation in the earlier years of a piece of equipment’s life than the straight-line method.