What is Market risk?

The risk that during the normal lurches upward and slides downward that markets experience, you’ll have to sell some investments when the markets are down.

How this risk plays out in the real world

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Connection to other risks

This risk relates to Economic risk in that it’s often difficult to tell one from the other. When markets fall, it may initially be difficult to tell if the drop is temporary or caused by a significant problem with the economy that investors are only beginning to recognize.

How investors can manage Market risk

  1. Keep an emergency fund of cash around that can pay several months of living expenses. This way, you’ll never be forced to sell your investments during a temporary market dip just because you need cash.

A final word

When a few down days turns into down weeks, you may be shaken you out of your belief in the corporation you invested in. The drop may have little to do with the corporation. It may be that after a significant run-up, markets are taking a breather and pulling back. Or, it could be a series of unsettling headlines that have investors questioning the wisdom of being invested. Unless something has changed with the corporation you selected, you would be best served to stick with the investment.