Notes to Mr. Barrella from his students

From a senior student of several courses and officer of the Investment Club:

Dear Mr. Barrella,

I simply cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me over the years. Ever since my last days as a naive freshman in your Sports Marketing class, you’ve been the best and most profound educator, mentor and friend I can ask for. You challenged me to explore my horizons and the world around me, which I’ll forever be thankful for.

I never even contemplated the conclusion of the Investment Club or the time we shared, but this realization has brought me wistful sorrow. I wish you all the best, both in your career and outside it.


From a sophomore student of the Investing class and officer of the Investment Club:

Dear Mr. Barrella,

It’s been a great year. Thanks so much for your continued help and guidance this past year. I look forward to working with you to ensure that we have a great next year in the club. See you in College Finance in the fall!


From a freshman student in the Investing class:

Dear Mr. Barrella:

I wanted to personally thank you for being such a great teacher this year. Your class really opened up opportunities for me in the business world. I took this class because I knew my dad really liked it and thought it would be great, so I did. However, you made me not only love your class, but stocks and bonds and everything else! You made my dad’s interest become one of my passions, and I am so thankful to you, for that.

Walking in the first day of class I knew nothing, nor did I have much care, upon that I got really scared when I learned that I was sitting next to one of the best kids in the class. I mean that kid was on fire. He knew everything there was to business, and I was worried because I started to think that I was the only kid who knew not a single thing. But then you started teaching and your style and attitude while doing so really got me interested. Anyone could take one look at you and tell that you were not teaching for the sake of teaching, but rather because you really love and have a passion for the subject, and that passion you have is contagious.

So, continue to teach the way you do and don’t forget to be the cool awesome teacher that you are because “you are the man Barrella”. I can’t wait until I can enroll in your College Finance class!


Holiday cards, December 2015!

– I wanted to thank you for teaching me a lot about business. Whenever our class meets every other day I fall more in love with business. Your class has truly inspired me to become a business person.

– Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You always encourage me during class and give me important advice. I truly learned a lot from you! Again, thank you so much for your kindness. Happy Holidays!