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Net income


Definition: The money that a business has left over, measured at the end  of a quarter (ie, three months) or year, after paying all the expenses, costs and taxes required to run the business. It is the final figure shown on a company’s Income statement, and is also known as Net profit and Earnings.

Mutual fund


Definition: A corporation that does not produce goods or services of its own, but instead carefully invests its shareholders’ money in the stocks and/or bonds of corporations that do.

MRQ (Most Recent Quarter)


Definition: An abbreviation that notes when a financial figure being shown occurred is the most recently completed quarter. 

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)


Definition: A law that allows depreciation of equipment (and other assets) in the early years of its life to be larger than it would be under the straight-line method. This lowers a company’s income taxes. MACRS was introduced 1986. It modified the Accelerated Cost Recovery System (ACRS) that was introduced in 1981 and itself modified in

Maturity date


Definition: The date on which a bond’s term ends. On or after this date, the bond holder may turn the bond in to the corporation which issued it and receive the bond’s Face value in return.